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Modern Day Feminism and its Undeterred Consequences


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‘Feminism’, this word implies equal rights and opportunities for all genders. Feminism was started as a movement fighting for gender inequality, because women were oppressed under patriarchy, for so long. Women were expected to do household work and take care of family, while men earned for the family; women were not given voting rights, women got low wages for equal work as compared to men, women were not given formal education e .t .c.

With the rite of passage, the definition of feminism has changed and so its applicability in real life. People think feminism is about women empowerment, it focuses solely on women and promotes misandry and toxic femininity. Feminism includes now gender diverse rights too, the LGBTQIA++ community. When feminism was mean to fight against gender violence, it is now used by pseudo feminists to justify their misdeeds, in the name of feminism. Wage parity is still a major issue in the workforce, women are still fighting over equal pay and now for the necessitated leaves like menstrual leave.

It has become a conflict of interest for men too, because they think women shouldn’t get special rights, because it goes against the basic structure of equality. Men preach it is unfair, and feminism has become a unnecessary means to make choices. For instance, some men have argued that their girlfriends cheated and justified, it is their so called right. With time, society has evolved, the societal norms changed; women could work outside, dowries are not taken by certain families, girls can do higher education.

Feminism has taken a toll on societal structure, on one hand, women are rising in all fields, on the other hand, women are using fake victim card in the name of feminism and framing innocent men. It has become now a question of hour, to support women or not support women.




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