Yahya Rahmani – Philanthropist and Social Activist

Yahya Rahmani is a social activist and founder of Save Hope Foundation who is currently living in Lucknow. His hometown is Araria, Bihar and he was born

He was also part of the Mother Teresa Foundation. During the Bihar and Assam floods, Mother Teresa Foundation was urging prominent personalities from the Bollywood and cricket to come forward and help them in the noble cause. Irfan Pathan was the first cricketer to come forward to help the affected people.


यहया रहमानी ग़रीब व्यक्ति की मदद करते हुए
यहया रहमानी ग़रीब व्यक्ति की मदद करते हुए


The same was confirmed by Yahya Rahmani, who was part of the Mother Teresa Foundation. Rahmani has also been involved in organizing Flood Donation Drive across Bihar. While speaking to Crictracker, Rahmani said that Irfan Pathan donated ration to 60 families of Bihar’s flood-affected people. He added that the packet consisted of essential items like Chana, Chura, Daal, Oil, Dettol, and Rice. This news was published in Republic World as well as MPositive.


News18 featured Rahmani’s tweeted image of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on National Education Day 2020.


A few years ago, Yahya Rahmani started a campaign with his friends to help the needy during the winter season and gathered clothes from their own homes. His foundation is also helping poor and needy children to get the necessary facilities for their education. This news was featured in Global News.


Recently, Yahya Rahmani distributed rations among needy in Lucknow too.


He struggled a lot in the beginning to help and reach out to people, so he has offered the people to come forward and contribute in his Save Hope Foundation where people can easily know where their money is used as per transparency and donors can take part in the campaign to donate physically.

According to Yahya Rahmani, for future his foundation is focusing on helping poor children to get a better education. Also, his foundation is providing school kits to children and even making people aware of taking part in social service

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