Moradabad News completes one years of bringing the issues of rural India to the mainstream news cycle

India’s only rural media platform Moradabad News has completed one year of operations. After its launch on 15 January 2020, Moradabad News (moradabadnews.in) has established itself as an authentic representative of rural India. It was started as a weekly newspaper. It has now claimed a strong presence in the digital world as well.

Moradabad News’s rural reach is expanding. For years, rural India was off the radar of the mainstream media.

Even regional newspapers did not cover rural India-related news. Moradabad News, India’s first professionally run rural media platform, changed that.

In the last two years, Moradabad News has not only been able to give a voice to rural India but has also won many prestigious media awards.

About Moradabad News

Sharik Malik is the editor of the Moradabad News, who is from the village himself. He aims to raise the issues of rural India.

Sharik Malik Moradabad News

Moradabad News is India’s biggest rural media platform – a two-way street that takes information to knowledge-starved different communities and brings information about everything from everyday civic issues to role models and media-dark areas to urban India.

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Moradabad News has several key verticals: digital, print, audio, and video content, India’s most prominent media survey team, and a massive ground presence of smartphone-armed cadres at the district, block, and gram panchayat levels.

This combination is almost unmatched in India’s media landscape. The Moradabad News team currently operates across Rajasthan, Bihar, and Jharkhand and are soon expanding their content footprint to all Hindi-speaking states.

The bedrock of Moradabad News is its swiftly expanding cadre of digital-era community journalists who are part of its “Aatmnirbhar Project.”

They are multiskilled, creating videos, audio content, community newspaper editions, and ground activation across far-flung geographies.

They are part of a pyramid with team leaders at the Block and District level and Uttarpradesh. The Aatmnirbhar Project editorial team rewrites, edits, and packages the stories and publishes them.

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