Meet youngest musical artist from Northeast India- Rukesh Reang

Rukesh Reang Is associate degree Indian Singer/Social Activist From Tripura, Northeast India leading male creator. he’s the youngest creator in city. Began his Music career in 2017. Rukesh Reang with information of Bollywood audio and electronic music has his hands on the majority sorts of music.

Rukesh Reang is that the youngest creator at little village referred to as Khasithai Para Northeast India, Tripura . Born Khasithai Para, Tripura. Rukesh reang created beats, serious beats, dance beats, intermixture beats. He has additionally started creating songs from 2018 once he recently free his initial song “SAKHOH MAIYA” during this song and once more with a true combine.

Rukesh reang was born in Tripura and his town Agartala, Tripura . Rukesh Reang, additionally called Rukesh Reang Musician, is associate degree Indian creator, YouTube temperament, a licensed creator, based mostly in Northeast India,Tripura India.

Rukesh Reang is open minded person they believe dynamic the planet and makes India as developed country. It’s hard however if we’re been along and work on today’s challenges that was featured by Youths in currently day’s it been easier. we’ve responsibility for our nation to been voters work for our country and improve or have an effect on way.

“MANY OF LIFE’S FAILURES area unit people that failed to notice however shut THEY WERE TO SUCCESS after they GAVE UP.”–


Rukesh reang is beginning creating videos on YouTube in 2017 as a singer you tuber. initial you transfer videos via gap ceremony , blogging and tips or tricks. However, when a minute the app was created creating videos regarding app development and that they got associate degree audience quickly. currently if you seek for him on youtube and see that his channel is as a music creator. currently you marvel why youtube verifies its channel as a music creator or provides him a badge to verify a music note on their youtube channel.

Basically,Rukesh Reang free his initial sound recording on Audiomack in 2018 however, when a while formally free that track on alternative music streaming platforms like Google play music, apple music, YouTube music, spotify et al several. That’s why youtube formally validates its channel as a music creator. Rukesh Reang helps alternative freelance artists World Health Organization need to verify on YouTube. He has helped quite 40+ artists every and currently they’re additionally confirming on youtube.

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