Alex Upadhyay’ New Song ‘Nigahon Mein’ is Full of R&B Love Making Music

Alex Upadhyay, the Baran-based artist has released his new romantic song ‘Negahon Mein’ which is full of R&B love making music. This new song has been receiving an excellent response from the listeners on all the music platforms. With the help of this song, Alex Upadhyay has tried to convey the importance of love in every person’s life.

The music artist Alex Upadhyay has been releasing his hit records since he made his debut in the music industry as an independent artist in 2015. He himself writes, produces, engineers and mixes his own records, which simply make him an influential artist.

Through the song ‘Nigahon Mein’, Alex Upadhyay has brought back the soulful R&B love making music with a personal touch to help couples enjoy during a relax and intimate setting.

Alex Upadhyay’ popularity on Instagram has been increasing at a rapid pace and his IG account has gotten followers. People are really appreciating his excellent work in the lovemaking song.

The artist has written this song very passionately and has conveyed the essence of a romantic relationship through this song. Both the versatile music and the creative lyrics have been making this song all the more loveable to listen to.

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