About Us

Newsglobal was started by Sahil Razvii, Adil Razvi and Sharik Malik on 18th february 2019 in Delhi. Because of not showing the truth to by godi media, then we decided that we should start a news portal of the demand of public. Newsglobal shows you unbiased and true news. Because it is your right to know the truth.
Today the Indian mainstream media is only representing the aspirations of the special and prosperous sections of the people. As a result of which the voice of the marginalized society in our country is not being kept on the national stage. Newsglobal is the voice of the people of the marginalized society. It is our endeavor to make you aware of the important topics on which the capitalist media houses are not ‘interested’. A very large population of the country is falling prey to the wrong policies of the government by consuming false and misleading news in the absence of true and unbiased news. It is our responsibility to deliver the right news to such people.
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